Joulutarina – Christmas story


Premiere 25 November 2016, Lappia-talo, Rovaniemi
Director Kari Väänänen
Matti Paloniemi
Performers Dancers and musicians of Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi and actors of Rovaniemi Theatre



Christmas story tells the tale of an orphan boy who as an apprentice to a carpenter starts to make wooden gifts to other children and eventually grows up to become a certain warm-hearted old man...


Christmas story is based on a Finnish novel and a film about Santa Claus and his journey to become the most loved man on earth. Come to see how some of the most exciting secrets about Christmas are revealed!

The play is subtitled in English


Now playing in Rovaniemi Theatre from 2nd of November to 30th December, see calendar for showtimes


Tickets online from Netticket or from Rovaniemi Theatre (address: Jorma Eton tie 8), open tuesday to friday 13:00-17:00, saturdays 11:00-13:00 or an hour before the show.

Tickets 30€ adult / 20€ child

Family tickets 70€ (two adults and a child)/ 90€ (two adults, two children)/ 110€ (two adults, three children)