About Rimpparemmi

Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi is a locally remarkable professional theatre that tours around Finland, including even the northernmost parts of Lapland. Increasing the accessibility and appreciation of dance as an art form is a substantial part of Rimpparemmi’s work.


Yearly, the ensemble produces from two to four full-length performances to audiences of varied ages. Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi does not have a stage of its own, so the productions are performed at different venues. Along with more conventional stages, Rimpparemmi has boldly created dance theatre performances for all sorts of venues, for example a nightclub.


Children’s culture and art education is an essential part of Rimpparemmi’s operations. Every year, Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi produces at least one performance and workshop for children, which are performed extensively around Lapland as well as other parts of Finland.


Rimpparemmi has a wide-ranging international career. Altogether, Rimpparemmi has performed in 32 different countries. As the culture ambassador of the Northern region, Rimpparemmi has reached tens of thousands of people with its nonverbal language of dance that is understood all over the world.

Photography: Flatlight Films