Dance Theater Rimpparemmi

Dance Theater Rimpparemmi tells stories: both beautiful and ugly. Stories that are sometimes bold and occasionally serious, but most often truly funny. Let the joy and love for art and performance be conveyed through Rimpparemmi’s creations. Rimpparemmi hopes that you, specifically, can strengthen the northern identity by participating in the experience of dance art and by sharing the passion for the northern sentiment with us – that which ultimately unites all of us.

Rimpparemmi Dance Theatre is the northernmost professional dance theatre in Finland. The roots of Rimpparemmi stretch back to the 1970s when its operations began in Tervola as a folk dance ensemble. The raw expressive power of folk dance blends with the fluidity of contemporary dance in Rimpparemmi’s performances. Music is strongly present in all activities.

Dance Theater Rimpparemmi produces dance and theatre performances in Rovaniemi at their home stage in Kulttuuritalo Wiljami. The program consists Rimpparemmi’s own productions, collaborations, and guest performances. Rimpparemmi actively tours around Finland, presenting the world’s best Lappish dance theatre.

The audience can enjoy drinks during the performances in Wiljami.

The complete spring schedule can be found HERE and tickets can be bought HERE