Love belongs to everyone

Love belongs to everyone consists of Jacques Brel’s incredible chansons and The Contemporary, a choreography by Matti Paloniemi.

The Contemporary

Two women, the ceremony is unclear.

Choreography Matti Paloniemi

Dancers Laura Kallas-Herd, Marjo Selin

Sound design Henri Haakana

Light design Mika Ryynänen

Costume design Kaija Maunula

Love belongs to everyone – Chansons de la Vie – Jacques Brel

Songs by Jacques Brel tell a grand tale of life; love, death and society as a whole. Even darker subjects are handled with humour, the Brel way. In the Port of Amsterdam, The song of the old lovers, Don’t leave me and other chanson-classics transport the audience to backstreets of Amsterdam and towards gentle, bitter love.

Conductor, musical arrangements, double bass Jukka Nurmela

Vocals Joni Kuokkanen

Piano Kaisa Ristiluoma

Accordion Henri Haakana

Costume design Mirkka Nyrhinen