Role: Musician, double bass, guitar, vocals, composition, arrangement. All kinds of musician’s work and anything else the boss orders. On stage in Rimpparemmi productions, I get to do various tasks beyond playing, such as acting, dancing, holding a parasol, etc.

History: Musician credentials, freelancing in various bands for about a decade. Five years in teaching at Lapin musiikkiopisto (a music school in Lapland). Working at Rimpparemmi since 2018.

I don’t like dancing tango and foxtrot; the rhythmic illogicality bothers me. Everything else in dance is enjoyable.

Rimpparemmi, because here I get to do diverse artistic work. I can challenge myself and try new things in a good environment.

The most memorable performance from Rimpparemmi has been “Kertomus 7 hirtetystä” (The Tale of the Seven Hanged).

Ammattieläin, tutkija Jukka
Ammattieläin, tutkijaryhmä Villiveikkaus
Ammattieläin, tutkijaryhmä Villi veikkaus
Jukka Nurmela
_DSC1292 (1)
Kolmen näytöksen tragedia (3)
Jukka Nurmela
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