Laura Kallas

Dancer, Trustee

Role: Dancer and Trustee

As a devoted enthusiast of theatrical arts, I relish the boundlessness of dance, particularly within the realm of dance theater. All forms of art are permissible.

It’s disheartening when, at times, one cannot perform at their best. Dance is a demanding discipline, and perfection is not always attainable. On the other hand, that’s okay.

Why Rimpparemmi? Because of dance and theater. Dance theater.

Choosing the best piece? It’s a tough decision. “10 laulua naisesta” (10 Songs about a Woman) because I had the opportunity to work under the direction of my idol, Marjo Kuusela.

“Leiblied” for its theme.

But “Kertomus seitsemästä hirtetystä” (The Tale of the Seven Hanged) is the one I long for and miss. In that performance, I feel I played my best and dearest role as Werner, the leader of a terrorist group. I learned a lot from him, and we became good friends until the final show. Even my hair went in the chaos. I miss him, although a part of Werner still resides within me. Overall, the theme, ensemble, music, and world of the production were sheer raw perfection. It had everything.

Ammattieläin, tutkija Laura
Ammattieläin, tutkijaryhmä Villiveikkaus
Laura Kallas-Herd
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Laura Kallas-Herd
Rimpparemmi Leiblied-esitys
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Laura Kallas-Herd
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Rimpparemmin Joulushow
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