Vuosipäivä nettisivut

Anniversary – Vuosipäivä

Every year on 24 January, identical twins of a certain age prepare to celebrate the birthday of an absentee. Stuck in their own meditations, lonely, childless and useless, on the margins of the world, they share their defeats. Despite their lapses into gloomy thoughts, they remain optimistic, still waiting for a small spark to light up the darkness of fragile happiness for a moment.

This tragedy of physical comedy is part of a trilogy by the Martinquen playwright Alfred Alexandre on the theme of the absent person.

On stage you will see Kallo and Rinta-Opas aka Kylmä and Kalma, born in 2000 at the Q Theatre’s Lumottu Saari.

The main language of the performance is physical theatre, but in the sum of clownery and tragedy there may be glimpses of languages such as French and English in addition to Finnish.


The performance will have its world premiere in Rovaniemi at the Culture House Wiljami as part of the Rimpparemmi’s Visitor Stage. The first French-language version visited the Les Tréteaux du Maroni festival in French Guiana in April 2024.


The performance lasts about 1 hour.


Text: Alfred Alexandre

Directed: Ewlyne Guillaume

Performers: Jenni Kallo and Niina Rinta-Opas

Music: Harri Kuusijärvi

Sound design: Lauri Uusitalo

Lighting design: Michael Creusy / Atte Herd

Stage design: working group

Costume design: Reija Laine (Q-teatteri/Lumottu Saari)



Kallo § Rinta-Opas

Centre dramatique Kokolampoe / Emilie Blettery


Supported by:

Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi

Finnish Cultural Foundation, Lapland Fund

Institut Française

Culture Moves Europe

Thu 22 August 2024 19:00
Culture House Wiljami
Fri 23 August 2024 19:00
Culture House Wiljami
Sat 24 August 2024 19:00
Culture House Wiljami