Liisa Penttilä


Role and Work: Sales work for performances, especially tours and arrangements. Dance theater everywhere!

Education: Drama expression trainer and director. As a freelancer, I have directed various theater groups of different ages and trained youth theater expression groups for years. I have also worked as an expression trainer in educational institutions.

I’ve also had the opportunity to be an actor in independent theater groups, touring has become very familiar for me.

I enjoy and love the diverse meanings of expression in dance. My love for theater and dance has always been present. I feel that the creative expression in dance and theater is an opportunity to develop, learn, and use the tool we all have – ourselves – in a versatile and liberated way.

Why Rimpparemmi: I have closely followed the work of dance and music professionals, been involved in activities, tried to distance myself, returned to realize that I still want to promote and give opportunities to everyone, here in the north and elsewhere in Finland, to experience and be enchanted by the productions of Tanssiteatteri Rimpparemmi.

Favorite Performance: Perhaps the most touching for me in recent years has been the dance piece “Leiblied,” but “Yolo – You Only Live Once” still disrupts my dreams sometimes!