4X – Dance Event by Four Theaters

4X – the touring dance event, launched last year, will once again take place in spring 2024. This dance event is a mini-festival organized by four dance theaters – Aurinkobaletti, Minimi, Raatikko, and Rimpparemmi – showcasing the latest repertoire of each theater, providing a panoramic view into the world of Finnish dance.

4X will travel across Finland, starting in May in Rovaniemi, then moving through Kuopio to Vantaa, and concluding in early June in Turku.


4X: Children’s Performance – Tanssiteatteri Raatikko:

The festival kicks off with a children’s performance by Tanssiteatteri Raatikko, introducing the world of dance to the youngest audience members.

4X: Four-Piece Evening:

The culminating Four-Piece Evening offers a diverse overview of contemporary dance. Featured will be the latest repertoire from Aurinkobaletti, Minimi, Raatikko, and Rimpparemmi. After the dance performances, the floor is open for discussion in a relaxed Art Panel, where the evening’s works and emerging themes can be dissected. The facilitation of the Art Panel will be led by the evening’s hosts.

Time and Location:

  • May 17-18: Tanssiteatteri Rimpparemmi, Rovaniemi
  • May 24-25: Tanssiteatteri Minimi, Kuopio
  • May 31: Tanssiteatteri Raatikko, Vantaa
  • June 8: Aurinkobaletti, Turku

Contact Information:

  • Aurinkobaletti Executive Director Sami Skantsi, [email protected], +358 50 470 1618
  • Tanssiteatteri Minimi Artistic and Production Director Mikko Makkonen, [email protected], +358 40 845 0754
  • Tanssiteatteri Raatikko Theater Director Jaakko Toivonen, [email protected], +358 50 544 3205
  • Tanssiteatteri Rimpparemmi Artistic Director Matti Paloniemi, [email protected], +358 44 550 4835

Fri 17 May 2024 00:00
Sat 18 May 2024 00:00